You do have a choice in rehabilitation!   

What to Bring

How long you and your physician expect you to be at Sunny Vista Living Center will help you decide what items to bring. We encourage you and your family to make your bedroom as “home-like” as possible. Bring things that are comforting, such as family photos, a plant or nice picture for your wall, and things you normally use at home. Consider bringing items such as books, magazines, or a radio. We encourage family and friends to help you decorate your room with photos, cards, a calendar, or pictures. Place your name on each personal possession to assist us if they are misplaced. We do not recommend that you bring items of value or larges amounts of money. We do have a resident bank account offered by our business office that can assist with financial resources.

For most residents, clothing that is casual, durable and washable is the best choice. You will wear your own clothes each day as you participate in therapy sessions and activities and eat in the dining room. On-site commercial laundry services are provided. We suggest that you label each item of clothing you bring prior to admitting to Sunny Vista or your CNA can assist you with labeling upon your arrival. The following list offers some suggestions to help guide you:

  • Loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to get on and off
  • Glasses, hearing aids, or any other adaptive personal items used at home
  • Warm socks and slippers or footwear
  • Books, magazines, or anything you might enjoy doing while recovering at Sunny Vista
  • While toiletries are provided, guests are encouraged to bring speciality toiletry items if they prefer
  • Stationery and pens, hobby supplies. etc.
  • A prepaid phone card if you plan to make long distance phone calls