You do have a choice in rehabilitation!   


Making you feel at home

  • Activities Department
  • Outings
  • Bingo Happy
  • Hour
  • Chair Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Various live musical performances
  • Music and Memories Program ®
  • Much, much more!

Our Activities Program includes numerous outings, activities, and theraputic events for all of our residents. Our Volunteer program includes 1:1 visits, church and bible study, Catholic Communion, manicures, assistance with special events, bingo and outings. Several employees volunteered their time this year to assist in various areas of the department, such as cooking class and special holidays. Several residents enjoy volunteering providing plants to new residents and creating crafts for the enjoyment of everyone. This gives purpose and meaning to their life and the opportunity to help others.

Examples of how our residents give back to others include:

Welcoming Committee

Residents participate in a Welcoming Committee in which each new resident to the facility is welcomed by this group and told about the various programs/meals/routines of the facility. They are also given an activity calendar, a welcome sign on their door and a plant for their room.

Horticulture Group

This group along with other projects, grows and maintains plants and flowers to be given to new residents to the facility. They also grow herbs that are used in the cooking classes and the snacks that residents make for each other.

Busy Hands

This is a volunteer group of residents that preforms various tasks for the facility; making centerpieces for the dining room tables, organizing and sorting donated cards that go on the country store cart, signing welcome cards for the Welcoming Committee, cleaning, organizing and sanitizing bingo cards, cooking snacks and meals for other residents Gardening Several residents grew and maintained a garden this year in elevated garden boxes and various planters on the south patio. The herbs and tomatoes grown were used in cooking classes for the residents.