Signature Programs


Wellness and social programs offer something for everyone.

Sunny Vista’s signature programs focus on the individual.

Sunny Vista is a community dedicated to wellness and strives to provide programming for every resident. Team members focus on nurturing the whole person – socially, intellectually, spiritually and physically. Residents are encouraged to participate in events as much or as little as they like. Whether joining in on a song or working together to prepare a meal, the spirit of wellness and family is present in all areas of the community. 

The Fitness Center offers open space where residents can work out to help them reach wellness goals for a stronger tomorrow. Classes allow residents to join together in a common goal of successful aging. 

Sunny Vista’s signature programs also include:

Rhythm’s Dementia

Our Innovative Rhythms philosophy and approach to memory care centers on and adapts to each person’s natural rhythm of life. We strive to educate everyone who is living with dementia—including families and communities—so that they feel supported and can offer support to others on the dementia journey. 

Rhythms Life Enrichment

There is no one else in the world exactly like you. While you may share commonalities with other people, no two individuals are the same. We all have our own qualities, personalities and interests that make us who we are. This is the central concept behind our Rhythms Life Enrichment Services philosophy, and it’s based on the five pillars of wellness: Social, Intellectual, Physical, Purposeful, and Spiritual.

Movement 4 Life

The goal of Movement 4 Life is to improve physical and mental health of all residents and reduce fall risk by implementing an expert-designed exercise program that incorporates four major movements and increased regular activity. 

Vibrant and active senior living is about making strides every day.

At Sunny Vista, residents are encouraged to live life on their own terms, so regular programming, events, and outings are offered which allow residents to pursue their favorites. These include:

  • Outings
  • Bingo 
  • Happy Hour
  • Chair Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Various live musical performances
  • Music and Memories Program ®

Residents – and employees – regularly volunteer their time to conduct classes, organize special holidays, and create crafts for the community. These activities give purpose and meaning to life and provide the opportunity to help others while socializing and having fun. Examples of volunteer groups Sunny Vista residents can join include:

Welcoming Committee

Each new Sunny Vista resident is welcomed by this group and told about the various programs/meals/routines of the facility. New residents are also given an activity calendar, a welcome sign on their door and a plant for their room.

Horticulture Group

This group grows and maintains the plants and flowers to be given to new Sunny Vista residents. They also grow herbs that are used in on-site cooking classes and for snacks residents make for each other.

Busy Hands

This is a volunteer group of residents that performs various tasks for the Sunny Vista’s staff and residents, including making centerpieces for the dining room tables, organizing the country store cart, signing cards for the Welcoming Committee, church and Bible study, cleaning BINGO cards and cooking snacks for other residents. See this group in action.

Gardening Group

Though not an official club, several residents have been growing and maintaining a garden in elevated boxes and various planters on Sunny Vista’s south patio. The tomatoes grown were used in cooking classes for the residents.

Sunny Vista residents take steps (sometimes literally) daily. Once you trade the work, expense, and solitude of home ownership for a growing circle of friends, a healthier active senior living lifestyle, and a variety of programs and events, the possibilities are endless. 

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