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Promoting Positivity within Senior Rehabilitation

Sunny Vista Rehab

Moving into senior rehabilitation can bring about strong emotions; frustration at needing to be there, worried about what comes next, and fear of never being able to leave are just a few in a wide range of emotions that one might feel. It’s normal…

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Rehabilitation for Seniors

Rehab Seniors

At the Living Center, our rehabilitation team collaborates with each resident, providing an environment for their personalized care. We strive to help each resident regain strength, maintain balance, improve communication, and attain independence. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides comprehensive physical, speech/language, and…

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Award-Winning Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Pinnacle 2024 Blog Featured Image

The Sunny Vista Living Center in Colorado Springs, CO is proud to announce that they have received, for the third year, the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award. Achieving this award  across 5 categories, is a great honor for the Living Center. Activities Cleanliness Individual Needs…

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How to Assess the Signs of Change in Your Parents

SV assesing parental changes 1

Recognizing the Signs The first step in assessing the need for memory support or an assisted living community is to recognize the signs that indicate a decline in your parent’s ability to live independently. Unlike normal, age related memory loss; memory loss due to…

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Embracing the Advantages: Moving Early to Memory Care

SV benefits of early MS

Making the decision on when memory care is the best option for your loved one, is an exceedingly personal and emotionally challenging decision. Memory care communities are designed to  provide a supportive community for individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive impairments to thrive….

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15 Communication Strategies for Someone with Dementia

Sunny Vista Memory Care in Colorado Springs, CO

Communication can be difficult with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia. Faced with forgetfulness and a decline in memory, language, and problem-solving and critical thinking skills, our loved ones can quickly lose their individuality, confidence, and sense of…

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How to Finance for All Levels of Senior Assisted Living

SV affording senior living

Financing all levels of senior assisted living can be a daunting task as our loved ones age. Ensuring they receive the care they need becomes a top priority. In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies for financing at all levels of senior care. Understanding…

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Physical Therapy and Assisted Living: Your Independence

While some people are eager to return home after receiving short-term physical therapy, it’s not unusual to feel nervous and insecure at the thought of managing your care at home as you continue to recover. You may be worried about keeping up with daily…

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Normal Aging vs Dementia

SV normal aging vs dementia

  We’ve all had those awkward moments when we can’t remember a word, or when we spot someone familiar but can’t put a name to the face. As our loved ones age, we may notice this type of thing happening more frequently, and we…

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