For-Profit vs Non-Profit Community


The Importance Differences Between For-Profit vs Nonprofit Communities

Welcome to Sunny Vista, where our commitment to enriching the lives of older adults shines through every aspect of our community. As a mission-driven, non-profit organization, we prioritize people and community over profits. Unlike for-profit senior living communities that focus on generating financial returns for shareholders and owners, Sunny Vista is dedicated to serving our residents and their families above all else.

Sunny Vista, answers to an all-volunteer board of directors, not shareholders, that expect dividends. This means that all decisions are guided by a genuine desire to enhance the well-being of our residents. As a non-profit entity, we adhere to stringent business practices to ensure fiscal responsibility and sustainability. However, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to reinvesting profits back into our communities and organization.

At Sunny Vista revenue goes towards enhancing the quality of life for our residents, improving our facilities, and expanding our services. Whether it’s upgrading amenities, providing specialized care programs, or enhancing recreational activities, our focus remains firmly on creating a vibrant and fulfilling environment for older adults to thrive.

Benefits of a Non-Profit Senior Living Community

1. A Driving Mission

Many residents choose nonprofit living due to the fact that their fees stay within the communities themselves. However, others see a major benefit in the community’s mission or affiliation. Sunny Vista, a part of the greater Christian Living Communities organization, is a non-profit driven by the mission that their communities enrich the quality of life for older adults through services and care that reflect Christian love, respect, and compassion toward each individual.
Older adults hoping to maintain their traditions may seek non-profit organizations and services that aren’t always available in for-profit communities.

2. Board of Directors

Sunny Vista is run by a board of directors who take care of legal and ethical governance. The role of the board includes hiring and overseeing the CEO while sharing resources and ensuring the community will remain sound and beneficial for all residents. The board also listens to the input of residents and forms relationships with local businesses and organizations to keep the Sunny Vista continuing care community connected to the broader Colorado Springs community.

3. More Sources of Funding

A major benefit of non-profit adult living communities is that they can seek philanthropic support from individuals, foundations, businesses and other donors beyond the government. Communities can then use this additional funding to enhance services, improve facilities, and provide extra amenities for seniors.They can also use these added resources to keep costs affordable for residents and can make living options more accessible.

Additionally, organizations like Sunny Vista are also eligible for government grants since they are mission-focused and work towards furthering a greater cause and public benefit of caring for the aging community.

4. More Individualized Care

Sunny Vista is a continuing care community, whose beautiful campus offers varying levels of healthcare services ranging from independent living to assisted living and memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Despite its vast range of living options, Sunny Vista is dedicated to an effective staff-to-resident ratio in order for residents to receive more individual attention and care from providers. Further, Sunny Vista wants each resident to have the opportunity to create profound, meaningful connections with staff to experience a greater sense of well-being.

5. Innovative Programming

Non-profits are more flexible and innovative in designing and implementing programs and services that meet the unique needs of their residents. This typically results in a more personalized and enriching experience for your loved ones.

At Sunny Vista, amenities and services include:

  • Daily community and wellness programs tailored to the interest of the residents
  • Fall prevention and balance programming
  • Cultural and recreational outings beautifully appointed community spaces, including gardens, sunrooms, multiple dining options and more
  • Nondenominational church services

6. Focus on Community

High-quality continuing care goes beyond just medical needs and includes the social and emotional benefits of living in a community environment. Non-profit communities typically have strong ties to the community and may be more integrated to local networks, which can foster a sense of community and support for seniors. It also encourages community involvement and volunteerism.

In each neighborhood at Sunny Vista, residents enjoy living in a community. This gives you or your loved one the opportunity to dedicate time and energy into creating a lifestyle that is full of purpose and possibilities.


Choosing Sunny Vista

Choosing Sunny Vista isn’t just a decision for your loved ones’ present comfort; it’s an investment in their future well-being. Join us in our mission to redefine senior living by putting people first. Experience the warmth, compassion, and dedication that define life at Sunny Vista. Welcome home to a community where caring is our currency, and every smile is priceless.

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