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How to Assess the Signs of Change in Your Parents

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Recognizing the Signs The first step in assessing the need for memory support or an assisted living community is to recognize the signs that indicate a decline in your parent’s ability to live independently. Unlike normal, age related memory loss; memory loss due to…

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Physical Therapy and Assisted Living: Your Independence

While some people are eager to return home after receiving short-term physical therapy, it’s not unusual to feel nervous and insecure at the thought of managing your care at home as you continue to recover. You may be worried about keeping up with daily…

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5 Tips For Staying Independent In Assisted Living

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After decades of doing everything from career to grocery shopping, cleaning and household chores and home repairs, having a little help can be a welcome breath of fresh air. Think about all the hassle and stress you avoid by allowing others to take on…

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Dining at the Retreat at Sunny Vista

Engaging MealsSunny Vista brings fun and engaging meals to our residents. At our memory care and assisted living community, the Retreat at Sunny Vista, we have two dining venues for residents to pick from. Whether enjoying a full-service dining experience in the Pike’s Peak… Read More

Advantages of Senior Living Communities in Times of Social Distancing

To stop the spread of coronavirus, health officials have instructed the public to practice social distancing, which means staying home, avoiding crowds, and keeping your distance—at least 6 feet—from others. Many people who have been self-quarantined for the past week feel lonely and frightened,…

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Stopping the Spread of COVID-19 in Senior Living Communities

We are now implementing new federal directives aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 in senior living communities. The Centers for Medicare/Medicare Services (CMS) has determined that if the county we operate in or a county next to where we operate has a positive…

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Healthy Eating for Senior Living

There’s more to health and wellness than the absence of illness. At the Retreat at Sunny Vista, we focus on healthy food while still giving our residents independence and choice. ​ The components of a balanced daily diet should be used as a guide. It…

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