Importance of Seniors Maintaining Their Independence

Independence means having the freedom to direct your own life. Seniors who feel in control of their lives often enjoy longer lives, better mental health, and lower rates of cognitive decline. However, health, mobility, and cognitive changes can threaten our ability to maintain our independence.​Moving to an assisted living community can help seniors maintain their independence by providing resident-directed care in an environment that eliminates isolation and balances freedom with the right amount of support, allowing you to live a purpose-filled retirement.

The Burden of Aging in Place

Aging in place, or remaining in your current home, may feel like freedom and independence to you. While some seniors can live independently at home with little to no help, many find themselves needing assistance with some tasks of daily living.Often, they become dependent on family members which can feel demoralizing and puts a burden on family members who have lives of their own.

Hiring a home health care provider can be a good option, but often it is just a stop-gap measure. As needs increase, more care may become necessary making the costs of home health care prohibitive.

​In addition, the home that served you well for many years may not be a suitable or safe place to maintain your independence. Modifications to the home or a complete remodel might be necessary to make your home accessible and safe.

At The Retreat at Sunny Vista, residents live as independently and privately as desired, while receiving the support they need. You may need a small amount of support now, but as your needs increase, a higher level of support is available without interruption.

You can have peace of mind knowing that a caring support team is equipped to handle changing care needs. With a variety of floor plans to choose from, you can find an apartment to call home and truly age in place.

Resident-Directed Programming Promotes Independence

Resident-directed programming, or person-centered care, is a philosophy that values the right of seniors to make their own choices and have control over their everyday lives.

At the Retreat at Sunny Vista, we believe in resident-directed care, and encourage residents to live as independently as possible while being supported by our senior care professionals that are trained to listen to and respect resident’s wants and needs. We focus our efforts on nurturing the whole person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

​Every resident in our assisted living community is welcomed and encouraged to participate in events and programming as much or as little as they like, honoring their individual needs and preferences. Read more about what to consider when choosing an assisted living community.

Loneliness and social isolation present a serious health risk to seniors. Recent studies show being home-bound and isolated from others can cause anxiety, depression, and cause a decline in physical health as well.

​Community engagement is a wonderful addition to the lives of Retreat residents. Whether joining in a song or working together to prepare a meal, the spirit of wellness and family is present in everything we do. Hear more about our relaxed community that feels like family from Retreat resident Diane, who was interviewed by Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs.

Assisted living offers the opportunity to enjoy privacy when you desire it, with the added benefit of services and amenities, and life-enriching activities you can enjoy with other like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Assisted Living at Sunny Vista

After a full life spent caring for yourself and family members, being an active member of the workforce and a community, it’s natural to fear losing your independence. Making the transition to an assisted living community doesn’t mean giving up your self-reliance and freedom. In fact, living in an assisted living community can increase your independence.

At The Retreat at Sunny Vista, household maintenance and repairs are taken care of. Healthy chef-prepared meals are provided for you, local transportation services are available for seniors who no longer drive, along with a 24/7 care team, on-site therapy, and individualized health and wellness support.

​With open floor plans and modern finishes, we provide you with the opportunity to blend your unique style with our smartly designed layouts. You will find features such as a deluxe kitchenette, ample closet space, and personal climate control. We offer a variety of technologies to enhance the care we provide, allowing you to live a purpose-filled retirement.

The Retreat has the care, support, and services needed for residents to experience their best day every day. Contact our team today to learn more or schedule a tour.

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