KKTV 11 Connects with The Retreat at Sunny Vista

Caring for our Seniors over the past few months and caring for our seniors during November for Thanksgiving.
With Election season over, we are focusing on family. This is probably the toughest time our seniors have had to face. This is when you miss your family the most.
So, we are focusing on what we can do.

  1. Video Chats
  2. Establishing and creating relationships with their families and friends.
  3. We are an extension of the family. We are keeping that bond and extension tight.
  4. Letting them know that life isn’t stopping because of Covid-19.
  5. We are willing to be creative.
  6. We are doing things like using an I-pad so our seniors can chat with their family at the dinner table for Thanksgiving.
  7. Creating an amazing meal for Thanksgiving.
  8. We also set up a gratefulness wall.  Focusing on the positive with many different answers than we normally would have. But we are all still thriving here.

We are taking our mind off of the bad distractions and focusing on our health and happiness.

Schedule a tour. 719-377-6735.

​We are making things special for our residents in a good way. 

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