5 Tips For Staying Independent In Assisted Living

After decades of doing everything from career to grocery shopping, cleaning and household chores and home repairs, having a little help can be a welcome breath of fresh air. Think about all the hassle and stress you avoid by allowing others to take on some of the less desirable chores in life.

Assisted living can give you the freedom to spend your time doing the things you love while providing the support that helps you enjoy every day as much as possible. Whether it’s chatting with friends and family, playing cards or enjoying the Colorado outdoors, your days are yours to create.

It all sounds wonderful but one of the greatest concerns people have about choosing assisted living is losing their independence. That’s why Sunny Vista’s philosophy is to support wellness, safety and security while preserving each individual’s dignity, respect and desire to be as independent as possible.


Located on the top of Nob Hill with gorgeous views of Pikes Peak, Sunny Vista can help you or your loved one rediscover independence and find more joy in each new day. Residents enjoy beautifully appointed community spaces and comfortable living spaces, as well as nourishing spiritual opportunities, gourmet dining, and serene outdoor spaces.

With this warm and supportive environment, you don’t have to worry about the mundane tasks of the day, so now is the time to design your days the way you like. It’s your turn to focus on your own happiness, health and wellbeing. Check out these 5 tips to designing your days:

Stay Active

The adage ‘move it or lose it’ sounds trite but turns out to be true. Experts agree that movement every day is essential to staying independent, but this doesn’t need to be climbing a 14-er.

At Sunny Vista, Movement 4 Life is an expert-designed exercise program that incorporates four major movements and increased regular activity in order to improve physical and mental health of all residents and reduce fall risk.

  • Of course speak to your health care provider first, start slow and work up to 30 minutes of activity per day.
  • Do something every day, even if it’s just walking down the hall and back
  • Find things you love – dancing, walking, yoga, exercise class, even shopping!
  • Find a partner/buddy – you will keep each other company and accountable
  • Reward yourself for doing something great for your health – get that extra cup of tea or call your favorite friend to share your accomplishments

Stay Engaged

Participating and making decisions in the things that matter most to you is just as important now as it has always been, so keep it up. Your voice matters in decisions from small to big, including menu ideas, (share a favorite recipe with the chef and he will make it for everyone), activities you want to participate in or not, and more. You can continue to explore your interests and passions or start new ones!. No one is quite like you so share your knowledge, talent, skills, experience and wisdom—you will have a positive and powerful impact on your community and experience better health outcomes yourself.

CPond styaing independent 2

And don’t forget to have a little social interaction as well. At Sunny Vista, residents and team members are considered extended family and have loads of enrichment programs, happy hours and weekly community entertainment, including bingo, chair yoga, aromatherapy, musical performances and more. Side step the negative effects of isolation and loneliness by getting involved in your community and/or with other people. Ideas to stay engaged are:

  • Get a pet – they are great companions
  • Create art – create or appreciate art through museums, photos, etc.
  • Civic engagement – passionate about a subject? Find a civic organization to join
  • Volunteer/help others – even if it’s just checking on your neighbor, helping others is proven to help you too
  • Consider sharing a meal with others instead of eating alone

Use Your Brain

Keeping our brains healthy and stimulated is particularly important as we age.Research shows that older people who engage in mentally stimulating activities, stimulate connections between the cells of the brain, helping to retain their mental faculties for much longer. Play cards or board games, do sudoku or crosswords, work on a jigsaw puzzle, play along to TV game shows, or follow you favorite sports teams. In other words, play along with whatever you enjoy. Here are more ideas:

  • Teach others what you know
  • Do crafts
  • Garden when weather permits
  • Play an instrument or learn a new one
  • Play computer games

Peace of Mind

It’s hard to make the most of life when you’re worried about safety.Our caring staff is here to make sure you are safe and supported. Remember, there is help at your fingertips so ask for it whenever you need it to avoid the risk of injury. You can relax and feel secure with features like emergency response systems, grab bars and wheelchair accessible options.In addition, medication safes in each room and attentive staff ensure medications are taken on schedule. There is also transportation to ease worries over driving and staff onsite 24/7!

sunny vista staying independent 3

We Are Here For You

There are many opportunities to design your days at Sunny Vista. From dining options to fun outings and the latest technology, there is something for everyone. It’s your time and you get to design it. Just remember …

  • Listen to your body, know when to take a break
  • Do a little bit of something every day, don’t hibernate
  • Move your body and move your mind every day

Designing your days to include social connection, intellectual engagement, purposeful living, physical health and spiritual growth can help you get the most out of your days while you rely on the caring and supportive environment at Sunny Vista to reduce your stress and give you peace of mind. Providing the space, opportunities and assistance for you to live the way you wish is exactly what Sunny Vista strives to do every day for each of its residents.

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