The Retreat at Sunny Vista Wins Best of the Springs Retirement Community

The Retreat at Sunny Vista in Colorado Springs is excited and honored to be recognized by the Colorado Springs Gazette with the Gold award for best retirement community in it’s annual Best of the Springs review. 

The Best of the Springs highlights the best entrepreneurs, small business owners and community service providers in Colorado Springs.

The Best of the Springs awards are broken down into six categories: arts and entertainment, city life and recreation, family and health, food and drink, services and professionals, and shopping.

According to Rich Vincent of the Gazette, the paper encourages wide participation in the voting process with over 15,000 voters offering their local wisdom.

Comments about the retreat included: “Beautiful Community, compassionate and caring staff,” and “a great atmosphere with a great team.”

We are honored to have so many supporters of our community and to be included in the Best of Colorado Springs.

View Sunny Vista’s entire awards.

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