Three Factors to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Every assisted living community is unique with its own sets of pros and cons. While services and amenities as well as dining and activities are important, they are not necessarily at the core of what makes an assisted living community great.High quality care, experienced and qualified team members who are dedicated to supporting residents are of course the highest priorities. But what else should you look for in an assisted living community?

The Community Offers Individualized Care

Residents of every assisted living community are individuals and should be treated as such. At the Retreat at Sunny Vista, we believe in resident-directed care, and encourage residents to live as independently as possible while being supported by our caring and trained team members.

When comparing assisted living communities, consider the staff to resident ratios. Every staff member is included in these ratios, from groundskeepers to registered nurses (RN’s). You should be clear on who provides care to the residents, how they do it, and what their qualifications are.

The Community Feels Like a Real Home

This will be your loved one’s home in their new stage of life. So, they should be able to walk through the doors and feel like they’re entering a space that people don’t just stay in or visit, but truly live in.

This does not mean it needs to be exactly like the home that they currently live in, but they should have spaces where they can feel at home and comfortable, from their bedroom to the common areas.

Everything the community does for the residents should be rooted in the desire to improve their lives both as individuals and as a community.

So many things fall into community enrichment: activities, events, level of care, amenities, quality of housing, family visits. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for superior technology in an assisted living community. While planning The Retreat at Sunny Vista, we researched the latest technology solutions and selected a variety of tools to enhance the care we provide and enrich residents’ lives.

While COVID19 and CDC restriction impacts visits to assisted living communities, residents and family members should have opportunities to engage and connect safely. The Retreat team members seek creative ways to help residents and family engage and connect while balancing the need to maintain the physical health of residents with mental health that leads to happiness.

Recently, KKTV 11 in Colorado Springs connected with The Retreat to health and safety precautions in place for new residents and live virtual tours.

Before Scheduling a Tour

Reading online, speaking with representatives, and virtually visiting the community should help you get an understanding of how well the community will meet your needs. Following the community on social media will give you a glimpse into community life, as well as reading testimonials from current residents and family members, which should be available on the community’s website.

All of this should help you decide whether this assisted living community is the perfect new home for you or your loved one.

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