Sunny Vista’s state-of-the-art technology plays a big role in resident life!

As technology has advanced in almost every area of society, it has played an important role in the ever-changing healthcare needs of older adults. Older adults are learning and using new technologies which are helping to improve their quality of life.  Utilizing new technologies improves cognitive health while also helping to stay connected with family and friends. 

At Sunny Vista, we embrace technology advancements as we believe it helps to protect residents and the caregiving staff that serve them. To do this, we have researched and welcomed various methods of comprehensive, secure and cutting-edge tools and monitoring systems to enhance resident care. 

Sunny Vista uses technology across the entire campus and in each of the three different living communities in various ways.

Featured Technology: 

The Retreat at Sunny Vista provides high-quality assisted living and memory support for seniors. During the planning phases of this community, a variety of new tech tools were introduced such as key fobs and nurse call platforms to enhance resident care in this neighborhood. In this community specifically, allowing for safe and secure exploration of the community is important. To make this happen, incorporating the technology of a top-of-the-line wander guard provider allows residents to roam freely in the community wearing alert pendants  that immediately notify the staff and nurses should a resident need help. This monitoring system of call light pendants and alert watches connects to the computers and iPads used by staff so that residents can wander about at ease and peace while also being monitored for safety and security purposes. 

“I recently moved Mom to The Retreat at Sunny Vista. The care team members who utilize the portable technology system know the specific care to provide to residents throughout the day. Residents can independently visit different areas of the community while still being seen and electronically monitored by staff. Mom is now much calmer, engaged, and happy.” 

-Crystal R. 

The Living Center at Sunny Vista specializes in rehabilitation in all forms to include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy and more. No matter the therapy type, Sunny Vista staff rely on specialized equipment that allows residents to practice safe and repeatable movements that promote strength and balance for people of all ability levels.  Therapists also employ pneumatic weight machines that are strategically designed to improve muscle recovery through every-day functional activities. The rehab professionals at The Living Center, as well as the staff throughout the entire Sunny Vista community, care for residents as they would their own family members. They work with outside healthcare partners and are always encouraged to explore the latest strategies and technological advancements in the healthcare field with the intent of providing the most high-quality care to Sunny Vista residents. 

The Retreat at Sunny Vista residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible and design each day as they choose. In fact, one of Sunny Vista’s signature programs, Rhythms Life Enhancement, places a strong emphasis on nurturing personal relationships by way of innovative technology to enhance connection, communication, and engagement. 

This emphasis coupled with the monitoring systems and updated technological functionality throughout the community not only improves their quality of life, but should put resident’s loved ones at ease knowing they are in a safe environment. 

“This is an amazing senior living facility with an even better staff. The technology and cutting-edge amenities in the building keep residents not only sage, but happy as well!” 

-Lucy S 


Technology includes:

  • Emergency response systems
  • Contactless dining/shopping
  • State-of-the art fitness equipment

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