Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for seniors in Colorado Springs

At The Living Center, speech therapists work with individuals who have difficulty with communication or swallowing. Therapy begins with the diagnosis of underlying physical, physiological, or emotional dysfunction. It may involve training in breathing, use of the voice, and/or speaking habits. The assessment of speech, language, cognition, and swallowing can consist of informal assessments, formal standardized tests, instrumental measures, language sample analyses, and an oral motor mechanism exam. 

People recovering from strokes and brain injuries may also experience language disorders as a result of cognitive impairments. For these patients, speech therapy can help the patient recover his or her former language faculties, or develop a new method of communication if a full recovery is not possible. Speech therapists can also address emotional discomfort caused by slurred speech or difficulty speaking after a stroke, which often helps the individual feel more confident.

Sunny Vista’s speech therapy specialties include…

    • Language ability and cognitive retraining
    • Alternative communication strategies
    • Vital Stem Therapy for patients diagnosed with dysphagia
  • Rehabilitation and retraining for swallowing
  • Dietary and meal preparation alternatives for patients with swallowing disorders

Colorado Springs, CO TV station highlights onsite rehabilitation services, helping residents maintain their highest level of independence. 

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