Sunny Vista Senior Living Earns World’s Best Culture Certification

We are elated to announce that the Sunny Vista community has been awarded the prestigious World’s Best Culture Certification from Drive. This recognition is for fostering an outstanding workplace culture.

What is the World’s Best Culture Certification?

DriveWorldBest Badge 2024 BLUE’s World’s Best Culture Certification recognizes senior living organizations for their exceptional workplace culture through the Culture Values Assessment by Barrett Values Centre. This comprehensive tool evaluates thousands of companies worldwide, including renowned organizations such as Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Prudential, and Volvo. With over four million culture assessments and 25 years of data, the Barrett Values Centre provides a robust benchmark for measuring organizational culture.

In the Culture Values Assessment, team members share their personal values, the current values of our community, and the desired values of their ideal workplace. The responses are collected and used to calculate a culture score, reflecting the strength and health of an organization based on the alignment of these values. For Sunny Vista, this feedback serves as a foundation for fostering growth, unity, and overall well-being through reinforcing what works and addressing any dysfunctions within the workplace.

Sunny Vista’s Culture Score

Sunny Vista's Workplace Culture Score 2024

To receive a World’s Best Culture certification, an organization must achieve a minimum of 70 on the Culture Values Assessment. For reference, the Global Average is 55, the Healthcare Average is 50, and Drive’s senior living communities average is 64. Sunny Vista has well surpassed this threshold with an outstanding culture score of 87. This score affirms Sunny Vista’s exceptional workplace culture within the senior living industry but sets it apart from companies across various sectors worldwide. This recognition highlights Sunny Vista’s commitment to cultivating a phenomenal work environment, reflecting its dedication to excellence and employee satisfaction.

“The World’s Best Culture Certification is a significant achievement for our team at Sunny Vista,” shared executive director Steve Downs. “This recognition has instilled a profound sense of pride among residents and team members and has motivated everyone to continue to contribute to our vibrant community culture. Our top desired values are caring, teamwork, and accountability, what great roadmap for future culture work at the community.”

The Impact of Culture on Our Community

We are excited for the opportunities that this certification will bring in attracting job seekers who share our values, further strengthening our community. In the face of workforce challenges both nationally and within the senior living field, this certification demonstrates that Sunny Vista is an amazing place to live and work. National studies show a profound connection between workplace satisfaction and the quality of services provided at senior living communities. With the World’s Best Culture designation, future neighbors of Sunny Vista can expect a high degree of service and caring from our team.

“Applying globally recognized culture measurements to aging services means those organizations earning this high distinction have the caring heart of a senior living provider AND the culture of a world-class business leader,” Denise Boudreau, Drive Founder & President, said.

Sunny Vista is one of six communities owned or managed by Christian Living Communities (CLC), which also earned the distinction. Read more about these World’s Best Culture designations.

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