A personalized approach to dementia care benefits.

If you have a loved one living with dementia, be it your spouse, your parent or even a neighbor, we consider you to be living with dementia too. We view dementia as a whole community disease.

The Retreat at Sunny Vista’s skilled and experienced staff understands the unique needs of those living with memory impairment. Our Rhythms Dementia Philosophy and Program recognize that dementia changes the way a person experiences the world around them, our job is to create environments where each person can navigate the world successfully and create worlds where life is worth living. It can be daunting if you are on the dementia journey alone. We are here to help with personalized care and services that celebrate your loved one because we know supportive family and friends are an integral part of the care team.

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Matching the Natural Rhythms of Life

Memory care residents at The Retreat enjoy a comfortable environment specifically designed to match the natural rhythms of each person’s life, as often as that changes, while on the dementia journey. We do not believe that a disease diagnosis defines someone living with dementia and we focus on what is still possible, not on what has been lost.

Our Rhythms Dementia program provides a tailored, unique approach crafted after getting to know each individual. Through this approach we are able to build a safe environment that focuses on your loved one’s strengths, desired lifestyle and what brings them joy while understanding their needs, and honoring where they are in their individual journey.

This program uses techniques including music, arts, and validation to meet residents’ needs, and encourages family and friends to be active participants. Because we understand that dementia is a whole body disease, we train team members in communication, disease process, and how to approach someone living with dementia.

At the heart of our approach to memory support are our principles and beliefs. Each one of them guides our actions in supporting and enriching the lives of our residents.

  •  Innovative Programming
  • Compassion Driven Approach
  • Personal Connections
  •  Intuitive Communication
  • Family & Friends Support

With safety and comfort in mind, our goal is to create an environment where your loved one can experience the world around them successfully and with dignity in their later years.

Built on Five Pillars of Wellness

Memory Care staff with ResidentsOur Life Enrichment philosophy of “Being Well Known” guides community life at The Retreat at Sunny Vista. All activities are resident based, meaning the residents decide which classes, activities, events, and excursions they want to see on the calendar.

Built on five pillars of wellness, our Life Enrichment program takes a holistic approach to health and overall well-being. Our residents can define their own paths to well-being based on their personal needs and passions. This model promotes autonomy and choice allowing your loved one to experience a life worth living.

  1. Social Connection – We believe in building a community and creating opportunities for our residents to foster authentic relationships. In fact, studies have shown that regular social interaction for older adults leads to more active, happier and more fulfilled lives.
  2. Intellectual Engagement – Nourishing your mind is just as important as nourishing your body. Our residents may enjoy various engaging activities including music therapy, painting, and brain fitness as well as other specialized life enrichment opportunities and encouragement to thrive.
  3. Purposeful Living – Feeling valued and sharing our gifts with others are just a couple of ways older adults maintain a sense of purpose in life. Our residents are encouraged to make decisions and participate in life at their individual level of ability. That might mean participating in a community activity or helping to prepare their own meals in the community kitchen. Studies have shown older adults are more likely to live longer and have a stronger feeling of well-being when they feel a sense of purpose.
  4. Physical Health – Maintaining good habits and making healthy choices are just as important for older adults as they are for anyone else, if not more so. Residents have access to a variety of fitness classes to keep them moving and improve strength and balance. They also receive regular health evaluations.
  5. Spiritual Growth – We encourage our residents to feed their soul by connecting to their purpose, values and beliefs.

The Importance of a Comfortable and Supportive Environment

We know that the environment, often more than the disease process itself, causes the majority of distress for those living with dementia. Our memory support neighborhood was designed for optimal support and comfort for older adults living with dementia. The secured outdoor courtyard provides serene outdoor space and the Country Kitchen allows residents to participate in their own meal preparation as much as they are able or choose.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a virtual tour and talk more to our team about our personalized approach to dementia care.

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