Happy New Years from our family at The Retreat!!

​We had the privilege to talk with some of our residents about their thoughts and reflections on 2020. They offered us words of hope and wisdom as we enter 2021 and slowly move away from the shadow of one of the toughest years in recent memory.
​In a year filled with Uncertainty, panic, loss, and a realization of the little things we take for granted. We can only hope that 2021 brings brighter days.  While the scars of 2020 will never be forgotten, we can all look at the strength of those who have persevered through hardship before us and know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We asked a few of our residents what their hopes are for the new year.
“I hope in 2021 that people will be more accepting of other people’s thoughts and wishes. That we become more understanding of each other and more caring.  I think that would help the world so much. “

“In 2020 we have to show more love for each other. So that the families will have a better life than they had in 2020. “

“The Covid virus and the black lives matter movement. All those things are opportunities that this year has given us. And if we drop it all now and do not pay attention anymore it’s going to be a sad loss. So, my hope for this year and the years to come. Pay attention to these things that we worked hard in our own little individual spheres if we cannot join a bigger group, that we in our own individual circle of life confront those things and try to do our part to make it better.”

“In general, it’s not easy growing up. For the young generation I wish them well, but they are going to have a hard road. It’s going to be tougher than it was even for me. I’m glad they have family if they do have family, they need to have a lot of good friends or places to go to.  I think the world will be okay. The world in general is good. God is good.”

“I truly believe in loving one another, accepting one another for who they are not what they are. And of course, I hope Covid goes away and never comes back.”

From our family to yours, Here’s to a New Year.

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