KKTV Interview – Janet Burns, CEO Sunny Vista – History of Our Community


Sunny Vista was founded in 1911 by Marjory Palmer the daughter of General Palmer who is the founder of Colorado Springs. She went door to door collecting dimes and nickels to start Sunnygrass Sanitorium for people suffering from tuberculosis.

After WWII we had the invention of penicillin and there was no longer as much of a need for these sanitoriums.

Watch Janet’s interview to hear the rest of the story.

Then, we helped the soldiers that had come back from WWII that were not so bad that they needed a hospital, but they weren’t quite ready to go home either.

In 1956 we tore down the original building and built Sunnygrass Sanitorium, which was a nursing home.

Our campus now has 3 different buildings.


The Villa is for Independent Living with 50 units of HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors.
The Retreat at Sunny Vista which offers assisted living and memory support.
And the Living Center at Sunny Vista which offers long term care, short term rehab, respite care and hospice.To learn more, call us at 719-377-6735 or schedule a virtual tour today!

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