Rehabilitation for Seniors

At the Living Center, our rehabilitation team collaborates with each resident, providing an environment for their personalized care. We strive to help each resident regain strength, maintain balance, improve communication, and attain independence.

Our team of highly skilled professionals provides comprehensive physical, speech/language, and occupational therapy services. We assist our community in reclaiming an active lifestyle following health events like injuries, strokes, or ongoing medical conditions. Our primary focus is guiding residents along a path to recovery, empowering them to accomplish tasks and live each day with minimal assistance.

We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Cardiac care and post-surgical recovery
  • Wound care
  • Orthopedic surgery recovery
  • Strokes and neurological injuries
  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Other conditions following hospitalizations

06 Primary BedroomThe Living Center offers 116 private suites with large windows and terrific views for short- and long-term rehabilitation. Each suite is designed with safety and function in mind and includes spacious, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with non slip tiles in the showers. We have also built comfort and convenience into every Living Center suite, featuring cable television, free WiFi, a landline telephone, and individual climate controls for heating and air conditioning.

Sunny Vista Living Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has once again been honored with the prestigious Pinnacle Customer Experience Award for the third consecutive year. This esteemed recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence across five key categories:

  • Life Enrichment Activities
  • Cleanliness
  • Individual needs
  • Nursing care
  • Overall satisfaction

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Each year, Pinnacle Quality Insight recognizes communities with exceptional dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience for our patients and residents. Through comprehensive surveys conducted with residents and their families over a 12-month period, we are proud to have consistently ranked in the top percentile for customer satisfaction.

Out of the 2,700 care providers evaluated and the 150,000 customer interviews conducted annually, only those that exceed the 85th percentile receive this honor. Getting the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award underscores our commitment to delivering best-in-class care and service to our residents.

Wellness Program – Rhythms Life Enrichment

At Sunny Vista, we’re proud to embody the principle of “being well-known” as the foundation of our community philosophy. We aim to foster an inclusive culture where everyone is respected and involved, meeting them at their unique life stage. We tailor our rehabilitation and wellness programs to provide meaningful activities and amenities that enhance the lives of our residents. Whether it’s painting sessions, energizing exercise classes, cognitive challenges, or soulful musical encounters, our diverse calendar ensures everyone can participate in an activity that aligns with their interests. Outside the community, our residents look forward to van excursions to museums, concerts, and shopping outings, further enriching their experiences with us.

Duet Dining Services

At Sunny Vista Living Center, residents enjoy the ease of selecting meals from our versatile open dining menu. From customizable burgers and sandwiches to crispy fried fish, from hearty omelets and refreshing salads, there’s something for every palate. Plus, if residents crave a snack outside of regular dining hours, our attentive staff is just a call light away, ready to assist with any requests.

Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitation for seniors

We take a resident-focused approach to helping residents get the care they need to be as independent as possible. Sometimes, that requires relearning how to do everyday tasks, and our dedicated staff is here to help them do that through occupational therapy that focuses on achieving maximum self-sufficiency and independence.

We offer mobility training to help residents perform basic household tasks such as cooking and dressing. Our occupational therapists also provide muscle-strengthening and range-of-motion training, assistance with thought organization to help with planning activities, training on how to conserve energy, and other specialized therapy.

Our occupational therapists also check to see if any modifications should be made to the residents’ homes to help them become more self-reliant in their daily routines.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation for seniors at Bella Vita

Our physical therapy services help members of the Living Center Community regain function and take back control of their lives following surgery, joint replacement, injury, or the onset of long-term health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or COPD.

Sunny Vista’s board-certified physical therapists focus on making each resident’s physical tasks less daunting by improving their movement, boosting their strength, and relieving their pain. That takes exercise and a supportive environment to keep each resident on the path to recovery.

Our physical therapists guide and coach residents through stretches, core exercises, lifting weights, and walks. They don’t just focus on helping residents recover from a fall. Physical therapists also work to prevent future accidents through balance training, tailoring each exercise program to a resident’s unique needs.

Speech and Language Therapy

If a resident has a problem speaking or swallowing, the underlying reason could be physical, emotional, or psychological. So, our speech and language therapists perform the assessments and tests needed to diagnose what’s happening and to see what needs to be done to help a resident communicate more easily with others.

Our speech therapists can help people resume their ability to speak or work with them to find alternate ways for them to communicate. They also help people facing the emotional difficulties that come with slurred speech following a stroke, so those residents are more confident while communicating with others.

The Living Center offers language ability and cognitive retraining, rehabilitation to help regain the ability to swallow, and Vital Stem Therapy for patients who have difficulty swallowing.

Contact The Living Center at Sunny Vista 

To learn more about rehabilitation services at The Living Center at Sunny Vista, reach out so we can arrange a tour and answer all your questions. You can call us at 719-416-5839.

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